English versions of FYAB publications


Following Germany’s presidency of the EU Council and considering the strong relevance of decisions on European policy for young people, FYAB is now making selected publications available in English. In so doing, FYAB is not only highlighting challenges in child and youth policy that are relevant at the pan-European level but also accounting for the transnational realities of young people's lives.

In the statement Enabling Social Participation Among Young Adults, FYAB calls for youth policy to give systematic consideration to early adulthood. In the context of European youth policy, this means engaging with challenges for European policy thrown up by the increasingly flexible biographies of young adults and the effects of this flexibilization on young people.

In the statement Young People in the Policy Advice Process. Recommendations for ensuring greater participation by the younger generation at the federal level and the explainer video, FYAB has called for the perspectives of young people with their diverse experiences and social backgrounds to be incorporated into the policy advice process. With a view to the goal of realizing cross-cutting political participation of young people in the policy advice process in both Germany and the European Union, this statement provides a basis for discussing questions of access, quality standards and age-appropriate formats for optimal participation.

The FYAB Call to Action Strengthen Youth Policies in Europe Now – Recognizing the responsibility of the presidency of the Council of the European Union has foregrounded central challenges involved in developing child-friendly and youth-friendly European policy. FYAB proposes that (European) policy measures be found to counteract structural inequalities and negative effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on young people such as the exacerbated situation faced by young refugees at the outer borders of the EU or cancelled transnational education and training provision.

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