Federal Youth Advisory Board

About Federal Youth Advisory Board (FYAB)

The Federal Youth Advisory Board (FYAB; in German: Bundesjugendkuratorium/BJK) is a expert panel commissioned by the federal
government. It advises the federal government on fundamental issues of child and youth services and cross-cutting issues in child and youth policy. FYAB is made up of up to 15 experts from the spheres of politics, administration, associations and research appointed by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth for the duration of the current legislative period.

The FYAB advises the Federal Government on fundamental issues of child and youth support and cross-sectoral questions of child and youth policy. Its advisory mandate is aimed at issues the Federal Government considers to pertain to child and youth (support) policy. The FYAB can also provide the Federal Government, the responsible ministry and the (expert) public with statements, recommendations and position papers on other issues. Where appropriate, it involves young people in its consultations.Its remit and aims are specified in § 83 paragraph 2 SGB (German penal code) VIII, in a general administrative provision that came into force on 01.01.2003, and in the respective bylaws.

Child and Youth Policy Unit

The Federal Youth Advisory Board is supported in its work by the Child and Youth Policy Unit of the German Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugendinstitut). The Child and Youth Policy Unit of the German Youth Institute is devised as a research project dedicated to the cross-sectional observation and empirical analysis of the structures of child and youth policy in terms of its entanglement and its (biographical) impact on children and adolescents. It further seeks to render these findings in a form in which they can be used by child and youth policy actors. One of the focuses of the Child and Youth Policy Unit’s work is policy advice. In this context, the Unit corresponds with the institutional child and youth policy actors on the federal level, especially the Federal Youth Advisory Board (Bundesjugendkuratorium, FYAB).

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